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About GUESS Sustainability

Our first sustainability plan launched in 2017, and since then we’ve made rapid progress towards positive impact for Our World and Our Brand. Read more about our commitments and progress in our sustainability report here or download the report.


As part of our commitment to responsible materials sourcing, we are proud to announce that we have joined the CanopyStyle initiative to help protect ancient and endangered forests.

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Our fall collection uses innovative materials sourced from sustainably harvested forests and with new recycling technology, reduces waste and our reliance on natural resources.

What is GUESS Eco?

GUESS Eco products are made with environmentally conscious materials and manufacturing processes.


GUESS is excited to introduce a global collection for women and men featuring denim made with less water, recycled materials and an innovative indigo dye process. A range of organic cotton tees completes the collection.


Water Saving

Less water used in the denim wash process during production


Recycled Materials

Recycled plastic bottles are broken down and used in pocket linings



New technologies and processes reduce the use of chemicals

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New additions to the collection coming soon.


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GUESS has partnered with global textile recycler I:CO to help clothing and shoes find new homes. Unwearable items are transformed into new products.


We’re committed to a circular fashion system: the idea that fashion should continuously be reused, reworn and recycled. We plan to expand the program globally by 2020.


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Ask your local GUESS Green Ambassador to learn more.


Bring in 5 pieces of clothing or pairs of shoes to receive 15% off your next purchase.


Greening Our Operations

Protecting the environment and improving resource efficiency is crucial to our business and important to our customers and associates. Through programs at our global headquarters, distribution centers and retail stores, we are building a company-wide culture that fosters care.

  • We have retrofitted over 175 stores in the US and Canada with more efficient LED lighting and have achieved nearly 10% reduction in our global carbon footprint.

  • Reached an 80% recycling rate at our global headquarters in Los Angeles in 2019.

  • Paid electric vehicle charging stations are available for associates at our global headquarters to encourage clean transportation. We also offer a Rideshare Program for both carpool users and public transit riders in an ongoing effort to improve air quality in the Los Angeles area.

  • We work with third parties to ensure any leftover or defective goods are either reused or recycled to reduce waste.


recycling rate at our global headquarters in Los Angeles in 2019

Our World, Our Brand

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that a collaborative approach to addressing systemic social challenges within the industry will produce more sustainable solutions. Working with supplier partners to ensure international standards for human and labor rights are upheld, GUESS coordinates oversight and remediation efforts, and has developed supplier training and a worker empowerment pilot program.

Committed to the Future

GUESS is proud to partner with The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), an organization that works with cotton farmers, helping them to use water efficiently and care for the environment, as well as promote higher standards of work during cotton production.

Supporting Our Communities

In partnership with Planet Water Foundation, we funded an AquaTower system to provide clean water at a primary school in Juncos, Puerto Rico, and sponsored a clean water well in India through Charity: Water. We also host an annual beach cleanup with Heal the Bay in California.

Sustainable Product Lifecycle Course

We're educating students and GUESS associates through our annual sustainability class at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. The class is available at no cost to selected attendees and covers topics such as future materials, zero waste design and denim innovation.

Our Partners

Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Charity: Water, Planet Water Foundation, TreePeople, Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Heal the Bay, Violence Intervention Program, AntiDefamation League, LGBTQ+ Youth Center


This is just the beginning.

Visit our sustainability site to learn more about our efforts.

GUESS Sustainability